“Steve, just a word of appreciation for the amazing work you’ve done for me. I knew that Twitter was important for promoting Chocolate #9, but I did not have the time it would talk for me to set it up myself, and for me to do the day-by-day posting and networking. I need to concentrate on dealing with customers and managing my business. I’m impressed that you are able to do it all for me – set up the account, build a tribe of followers, post content, communicate and network with all the new contacts, etc. You really understand my product, and you put me in touch with exactly the demographic I needed to reach. You know what great customer service means, and I appreciate your responsiveness and quick turnaround. All in all, your work for me on Twitter has been a valuable addition to my sales and marketing efforts.” – John Sample, founder and owner of Chocolate #9

“In terms of the Twitter work, thank you for all the work you have put in. It’s really incredible how quickly you were able bring in followers and establish these pages.” – Grant Peel, Operations Manager at NeonGecko

“Steve – We enjoyed more activity than we had thought would occur – and many with very favorable comments about the ‘looks’ of the site.  The updating of tips was also important – because it did let folks know that we were checking the site.  You always gave great support, information, and suggestions.” – Germaine Morgan, City Insurance Center

“I have had a great experience with all of my dealings with One Spark Marketing. I rely on them for all my media marketing. We have seen a great response as far as increase in number of followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook. I trust them to keep a presence for Protein Planet in a way that I don’t have time or inclination to do myself. They are always fair on pricing and always follow through on everything. I recommend them highly.” – Larry Strong, Owner Protein Planet, Inc.

“One Spark’s combination of tailored strategy, technical knowledge and diligent, aggressive marketing grew my network from a few hundred fans to thousands in a short period of time. Their understanding of how to actively employ social media to establish connections with audience members helped us transition from a mere business concept into a marketable, profitable advertising vehicle. This growth multiplied across our other media outlets as One Spark gradually assumed responsibility for all of our content-based platforms. I strongly endorse them as a resource for developing your connection to the marketplace through social media!” – Paul Edwards, The Ever Red State Network

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